Tokyo Motor Fist – Tokyo Motor Fist (2017)

If the thought of Trixter’s Steve Brown creating an album with Danger Danger’s Ted Poley has you salivating in anticipation and bouncing up and down like a kid hyped on sugar, then trust me just go and buy the album NOW! You won’t be disappointed, you’re going to love this no holds barred full on old school melodic rock album which gives us genre die hards everything we want from our music! You may want to get the plastic sheeting down in case of spillages and *cough* accidents when you crank the Fist right up, as it is best enjoyed at maximum volume.

Although you’d expect it to have a Trixter/D2 mash up going on it’s not as obvious as you may think, yes, those flavours are obviously in the mix but it feels like a unique band with its own specific feel. The songs are written, crafted and performed by experienced melodic rockers who obviously adore the genre and know what elements about it make it so magical. So, they crank it up to such a high level that even the hardest to please melodic rocker can’t help but smile and admit how awesome this album is. It’s nothing new, they haven’t reinvented the genre they have just given us a balls to the wall melodic rock album full of life, energy and unashamed love for this style of rock.

Poley has put in one of his greatest vocal performances ever and his delightful melodic vocal gets me every time. He even puts in some very emotive vocals (think D2 ‘Don’t Walk Away’) that hit me instantly especially on ‘Get You Off My Mind’! Brown bombards us with juicy riffs but it’s those licks and subtle hooks which have me grabbing my air guitar and totally wrapped up in the songs.

These songs are overloaded with hooks and melodies that stick in your memory. Brown and Poley have created an album which is truly indelible and I expect melodic rockers to go absolutely nuts over it!

This album is insanely addictive and I find myself playing it over and over like it’s a joyous celebration of melodic rock. It’s one of those albums that confirms why I love this genre and why I’ll never give up on it. You’ll find yourself singing along, bopping around to all these delicious melodies and memorable choruses you’ll be unable to resist these songs dragging you in and making you smile!

Band Members:
Ted Poley – vocals
Steve Brown – guitars, vocals
Greg Smith – bass
Chuck Burgi – drums

Album Cover









Track List:
01. Pickin’ Up The Pieces
02. Love Me Insane
03. Shameless
04. Love
05. Black And Blue
06. You’re My Revolution
07. Don’t Let Me Go
08. Put Me To Shame
09. Done To Me
10. Get You Off My Mind
11. Fallin’ Apart

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