Stan Bush ‎– Stan Bush (1983)

This is the debut album by iconic AOR singer/ songwriter/ guitarist Stan Bush, originally released in 1983. Marketed a good couple of years prior to the melodic hard rock/glam metal explosion which would dominate the rest of the decade, the Stan Bush record was built on the principles of early `80s melodic rock- one could roughly describe it as a mixture of “Survivor” and “Asia”.

Despite being his first solo effort, the Stan Bush debut is filled with challenging vocal melodies, changes in rhythm patterns and constantly evolving harmonies. No question, the end result is catchy-radio friendly rock, though very organic, baring various twists and turns (you will even notice the basic key of the song changing before the verse or chorus.)

In comparison to his later works and commercial highlights, the debut album is by far the most youthful in terms of the lyrical themes and stories uncovered in its songs. From the opening “It’s Hot”, to its successor “Fire in my heart” you know this is going to prove a no-nonsense melodic rock album, vibrant and passionate from the first song to the last. “Love has taken me away” and “Say the word” are evidence of a more mature Bush and glimpses of what his music would evolve in the years to come.

To his credit Stan has written, or co-written, all songs but one on this debut while performing all vocals and guitars. One should note that the album has some pretty challenging guitar solos and some unconventional melodic lines which Stan manages to put across very convincingly. In addition, his vocal performance is by far the most versatile to be found on any of his albums with a range and tone that perfectly justify him being amongst the most lasting artists in AOR.

If you enjoy melodic rock/AOR in the style of “Survivor” (Jamison era), “Export” and “Asia” then Stan’s debut stands as a guarantee.

Band Members
Alan Pasqua – Piano, Organ
David White – Bass
Dennis Belfield – Bass
Gary Mallaber – Drums
Jon Smith – Sax
Kevin Beamish – Tambourine
Leland Sklar – Bass
Mike Baird – Drums
Stan Bush – Vocals, Guitars
Steve Forman – Percussion

01. It’s Hot (3:15)
02. Fire In My Heart (3:04)
03. Can’t Live Without Love (4:19)
04. Don’t Accuse Her (3:37)
05. Love Has Taken Me Away (4:12)
06. All American Boy (2:29)
07. Say The Word (3:39)
08. Time Isn’t Changing You (4:00)
09. Round And Round (2:57)
10. Keep Your Love Alive (4:05)

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