The Radio Sun – Outside Looking In (2017)

As I’m rocking out to the third album from Aussie melodic rockers The Radio Sun Outside Looking In I’m thinking damn these guys are getting better and better. I already like the band and enjoy their music but with this one they have really excelled themselves in every way possible from song writing to performance. Their good friend and genre ledge Paul Laine dips in with a few co-writes and produces and mixes the album and his touch is there, but it’s not overpowering of the talent of these Aussie musicians but it definitely guides the band in all the right directions.

Outside Looking In is their most complete sounding album to me and is probably my favourite overall album as it is their most commercial one yet! It feels as though they have tweaked that commercial factor up slightly which makes this album instantly enjoyable and memorable. It’s not disposable though there’s plenty of depth to give the album longevity and a lasting impression to guarantee plenty of repeat listens in the future. The songs on this album, whether it’s a guitar hook or a delicious melody or one of the monster choruses they all get their hooks into you one way or another!

There are plenty of vocal harmonies that emphasis and empower the choruses which tends to be enjoyed by most melodic rockers, myself included! The songs do have a traditional core and of course a strong eighties rock vibe but there are some slight modern edges to the tone of some of the songs, which for me should allow them to expand their appeal beyond the loyal underground melodic rock warriors.

Vocalist Jase Old has a real old school AOR touch to his voice and delivery which will definitely increase the impact of these songs, especially on the old guard fans. Steve Janevski’s guitars are a real treat too he never gets too self-indulgent and everything he delivers increases the impact of each individual song. It’s not just his driven riffs and hook licks but his melodic solos and breaks that embellish songs that can really hit you in all the right places. There is a lot of Def Leppard going on in the mix and in my opinion that’s a very good thing, It’s mainly in Janevski’s guitars and the varying licks, solos and riffs all in one song but they are always very melodic, just like the Lep’s.

It’s one of those albums that just works from the get go, instant radio friendly rock! Lyrically the songs are easy to connect with and relate to which helps make the album even more accessible to all listeners!

It’s a solid album but look out for the killer chorus on ‘Falling For You’, smooth rocker ‘Broken’, the impassioned and powerful ‘My Heart Is On Fire’ and the catchy as hell ‘Wink and Smile’. It’s an album with so many massive hook ridden choruses it’s highly likely your favourites will differ to mine, such is the quality of songs on here.

The Radio Sun deliver melodic hard rock with stadium rock attitude! Outside Looking In is full of big choruses, overloaded with lush vocal harmonies, hook filled guitar riffs and its up-tempo bouncy rock and roll, just the way us melodic rockers like it!

Band Members:

Jason Old – vocals
Stevie Janevski – guitars & vox
Robbie Erdmanis – bass & vox
Ben Wignall – drums & vox


Album Cover









Track Listing:

1 Can’t Get You Out Of My Head
2 Standing On The Edge Of Love
3 You’ll Never Know
4 Switch Off The World Tonight
5 Broken
6 Fall To Pieces
7 Wink & Smile
8 Outside Looking In
9 My Heart Is On Fire
10 Baby Blue
11 Falling For You
12 Bulletproof
Bonus Tracks
13 Someone Tell Me Why My Heroes Are Dying
14 Beautiful



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