Newman – Siren (2013)

‘Siren’ is the tenth studio album from Steve Newman and I’m desperately trying to avoid saying ‘His best album ever!’ because I’m going to start sounding like a broken record, but every inch of me wants to scream it! I’ve been a big fan of Steve ever since his debut; he has been a consistently strong song writer and over the years has produced not just some great albums but also some of my favourite songs of all time. It’s been great seeing his song writing constantly evolve over the years and he never delivers the same album twice.

Again with ‘Siren’ Steve has given us another album with its own style and flavour, a little heavier but still commercial and extremely melodic. The songs have a real fresh feel to them, there’s a lot of energy and urgency to them that ear marks many of them for the live arena. One of Steve’s strength’s is on show again in his lyric’s, he always shows much more depth than many others and he never shies away from venturing outside of the standard melodic rock subjects, this gives some songs more substance than you would hear on the standard melodic rock album. Check out title track ‘Siren’ and ‘Crossfire’ for great examples of outside the box lyrics.

Steve has a great emotive vocal style and it gives his lyric’s a genuine believable feel to them and on songs like ‘Feel Her Again’, ‘Arcadia’ and ‘The Foolish One’ it generates a really powerful lasting impression. ‘Feel Her Again’ is probably the most commercial song on Siren and it has already made my 3am playlist. It’s quite a lyrically dark song dealing with loss but the upbeat feel of the chorus makes it really cathartic.

Siren does see Steve in full on rocker mode and it is less introspective and emotional than ‘Under Southern Skies’, but the connections and that relatable touch is still ever present, just this time you want to do some head banging and strap on your air keytar!

I think it’s the anthems on this album that’s going to get everyone’s hands in the air and talking about this album. I’m fully expecting ‘Scar Of Love’, ‘Had Enough’, ‘Some Kind Of Wonderful’ and ‘Another Bitch of Night’ to become firm favourites with live audiences. I have to mention ‘When It Comes To Love’ a song co-written with Vega’s Nick Workman which is another stunning collaboration from the pair; I absolutely adore Nick’s atmospheric harmony vocals on the verses which make this a really chilling song!

Siren is another killer album from Newman with many songs destined for the live arena full of energy, addictive guitar riffs and to die for keyboard hooks. It’s pretty much everything you want from a melodic rock record and I can’t forget to mention those massive sing-along choruses that we have come to expect from Newman. Steve’s a true unsung hero of the melodic rock genre and has yet again delivered a fantastic album, go on, do your ears a favour and buy it and play it loud!

Band Members
Steve Newman – Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Rob McEwen – Drums
Shaun Bessant – Guitar solo on ‘When It Comes To Love’
Robert Sall – Guitar solo on ‘Feel Her Again’
Pete Newdeck – Backing Vocals on ‘Some Kind Of Wonderful’ & ‘Waiting For The Day’
Nick Workman – Backing Vocals on ‘When It Comes To Love’

Album Cover:









1 Scar Of Love 4:29
2 Had Enough 4:14
3 Arcadia 5:18
4 Another Bitch Of The Night 4:10
5 Feel Her Again 4:38
6 Some Kind Of Wonderful 3:45
7 Siren 4:58
8 When It Comes To Love 4:38
9 Crossfire 6:46
10 Waiting For The Day 4:07
11 The Foolish One 4:08
12 Don’t Know Why 4:50

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