Lionville – A World Of Fools (2017)

A World of Fools is the third album from Italian’s Lionville who are led by guitarist Stefano Lionetti and once again features the lead vocals of Swede Lars Safsund. This one is perhaps a tad beefier than its predecessors but not dramatically so, it is still pure AOR. Getting Safsund involved has always elevated the impact of this band and yet again he delivers a dynamic and emotive performance. For me Safsund is one of the best AOR vocalists of the modern era, his vocals are impeccable, beautifully melodic and more importantly they convey the emotion of the songs in an extremely stirring way.

I’m not taking anything away from their previous albums which I enjoy immensely but I feel A World Of Fools is perhaps their most complete album and shows off their beautiful songs in an instantly delightful manner. The songs are all lush, smooth landscapes dripping with melody, unforgettable hooks and the production of the album intensifies that sound, when people crank this album up they should instantly get wrapped in the music.

There are some really beautiful melodies which can warm your heart one minute and then break your heart the next! It’s unbelievably smooth and has touches of West Coast, Journey and Toto in the mix. As you’d expect there is plenty of humongous choruses and lots of backing vocals and harmonies bolstering the smoothness and strengthening some melodies.

There are so many hooks on this album it’s hard to not get ermmm hooked! Even in one song there can be a few hooks going on throughout that drag you in and have you giving that repeat button on your stereo a battering. The hooks are not always obvious in your face ones, there are some subtle guitar and keyboard hooks imbedded in the music that will snap you up and on repeated listens will become ingrained in your mind.

It’s a summertime album, it’s bright, beautiful, ultra-melodic and straight from the heart. There are plenty of melodic guitar licks, awesome sweeping keyboards and knock out emotive vocal melodies. There is some really heartachingly moving musical moments that have me cranking the volume and I know these songs will stick with me over time. These songs will cement themselves into your consciousness with their powerfully indelible choruses and moments of sheer beauty.

I connect with these songs comfortably and effortlessly, it’s full of emotion, passion and heartfelt lyrics, these are things I look for and desire in my music. I know I’ll not only be playing this album a lot over the coming months but given its impact on me I suspect it will have a lot of longevity with me and become one of those albums I always return to.

‘All I Want’ is one of the beefier rockers which has an impactful chorus and some killer keyboards! ‘Paradise’ is delightful AOR with a stunning harmony drenched chorus. The beautiful keyboard intro to ‘One More Night’ grabbed me instantly, It’s absolutely beautiful with a heartfelt and infectious chorus – emotive and captivating. Super smooth ‘Show Me The Love’ has a huge chorus and is heartachingly beautiful and the pre-chorus has me cranking the volume straight up to maximum!

This utterly brilliant slice of soft rock perfection is definitely keeping the AOR flame burning! A World of Fools is a stunning pure AOR masterpiece and not only does it belong in every connoisseur of this genre’s collection it’ll also win the hearts of all AOR fans instantaneously. These guys write songs that are simply sublime to my ears with the added boost of Safsund’s emotional vocal delivery taking them into the stratosphere. A nigh on perfect album, an essential purchase for all AOR and Melodic Rock fans.

Band Members:

Stefano Lionetti: Lead & backing Vocals, guitars, keyboards
Lars Säfsund: Lead & backing vocals
Michele Cusato: Guitars
Giulio Dagnino: Bass
Martino Malacrida: Drums & percussion

Album Cover:









Track List:

1 I Will Wait
2 Show Me The Love
3 Bring Me Back Our Love
4 Heaven Is Right Here
5 A World Of Fools
6 One More Night
7 /all I Want
8 Living On The Edge
9 Our Good Goodbye
10 Paradise
11 Image Of Your Soul

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