Find Me – Wings Of Love (2013)

Find Me is basically a project to showcase vocalist Robbie LaBlanc, who Frontiers Records have partnered with producer / songwriter Daniel Flores with the aim of creating a strong melodic rock album. There is also plenty of song writing contributions from the likes of Soren Kronqvist, Alessandro Del Vecchio, Erik Martensson and the most awesome Martin Brothers (VEGA).

Well BANG! Their aim was fulfilled; pure AOR doesn’t get much better than this! Wings of Love Stays faithful to elements of traditional sounding melodic rock but mixing it up with some more modern elements to keep it fresh. It’s instantly gratifying with its pleasurable hooks, delicious keyboards, memorable melodies and contagious choruses!

I’ve always loved Robbie LaBlanc’s strong booming vocal style I’ve always found it very stirring and inspiring. Most the songs here embrace his natural talents to their fullest, giving some songs some real grit and drive. I did notice that on some tracks that LaBlanc’s vocal is a little more reigned in, most notably on the more obvious Journey style inspired tracks. This isn’t a bad thing and actually highlights another facet to his vocal abilities and showcases his emotive vocal in more subtle ways.

The title track ‘Wings of Love’ is a perfect AOR anthem and if it wasn’t written by the Martin Brothers I’ll eat my hat, because it has their imprint all over it! I’m totally smitten with the luscious keyboards which are infectious and have me air keyboarding like a nutter! It’s a wonderfully emotionally charged track with a sweepingly splendid hands raising chorus.

Sometimes the influences are more obvious than others like on the kick ass ‘Another World’ which screams Journey, but in the main all the songs have their own identity and fit well under the Find Me banner. I’m actually shocked ‘Dancing With a Broken Heartbeat’ wasn’t chosen as the lead track and video, as I believe it’s a delightful AOR anthem with a strong memorable chorus which would have drawn genre fans in their droves to check the album out. Don’t get me wrong ‘Road To Nowhere’ is a great booming rocker with a tremendous energy, but I would have pushed ‘Dancing’ as the single.

It’s the rockers that drive this album and the likes of ‘Firefight’, ‘Unbreakable’, ‘Your Lips’, ‘Powerless’ and ‘One Soul’ are sure to set people’s speakers alight with repeat plays. To be honest it’s really hard to find fault with Wings Of Love and such is the strength of all the songs I’m sure everyone will have their own personal favourites.

Wings of Love is been billed and advertised as a melodic rock dream, I know most of us will see this as peacocking, but damn this album truly is a delightful melodic rock dream! Chock full of mighty anthemic AOR I’m sure this will have most genre fans dribbling like crazy. I foresee many sore throats and tired arms once you’ve all purchased this cracking album and sampled its delights, very loudly!


Track by Track:

Lead track ‘Road To Nowhere’ is a driven rocker with a huge anthemic chorus. The Journey inspired ‘Another World’ is full of killer keyboard riffs and a strong guitar presence which gives the song some balls. It’s a catchy as hell song with some strong vocals from LaBlanc. You’re going to need your Air Keytar for this one. ‘Dancing To A Broken Heartbeat’ is a sweeping AOR anthem, bittersweet with a beautiful chorus, instantly memorable.

Ballad ‘Eternally’ makes me think it’s a mix of Foreigner and The Storm. It’s a very traditional sounding ballad with an epic chorus. ‘Firefight’ is a cracking energetic rocker which captures you immediately with its sing along anthemic chorus. ‘On The Outside’ is one of the more obvious traditional melodic rock tracks, which has some spot on hooks and a driven chorus.

Up-tempo Rocker ‘One Soul’ has epic upfront keyboards, some great vocals from LaBlanc and a very powerful chorus. ‘Powerless’ is a mid-tempo emotive rocker, with some really catchy melodies, a wonderfully emotion driven song. ‘Bottom Of My Heart’ is an Eighties style Foreigner track a sweeping track with dance floor filling capabilities.

‘Unbreakable’ has a Def Leppard touch to it, some nice little guitar licks and a booming anthemic chorus. It’s an ideal song for LaBlanc’s voice. The Infectious ‘Wings Of Love’ is the perfect AOR anthem with an emotional charge and hands raised beautiful chorus. I freaking love the Keyboards on this track intensely magnificent! ‘Your Lips’ is a strong rocker with a punchy driven chorus which gets stuck in your head!

Band Members:

Robbie LaBlanc – lead and all backing vocals
Daniel Palmquist – rhythm guitars
Jonny Trobro – bass, fretless bass
Daniel Flores – drums, keyboards

Album Cover:









Track List:

1. Road to Nowhere
2. Another World
3. Dancing to a Broken Heartbeat
4. Eternally
5. Firefight
6. On the Outside
7. One Soul
8. Powerless
9. Bottom of My Heart
10. Unbreakable
11. Wings of Love
12. Your Lips

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